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Cocktail Martini

Between myth and reality, the story of a cocktail near the Ligurian (or so I like to believe …) The argument concerning the origins of this cocktail are varied and, for the most part, close to the legend.

The most authoritative, documented by John Doxan in “Stirred – Not Shaken,” says a bartender named Martini original Weapon Taggerty in Liguria, immigrated to the United States, the mixture had created around 1910 at the Knickerbocker Hotel in New York in honor of John D. Rockefeller and is also what I like to quote and believe as true as the bartender was my compatriot and fellow ….

There are other versions that see the cocktail born a decade earlier by the inspiration of such a Martinez of New Orleans or a California town called Martinez. For here is a bronze plaque bears scitto: “In this place, Julio Richelieu in 1874, a bartender, has served in a martini first miner, entered his saloon had asked for something special …. He was served a ‘Martinez Special ‘. After three or four glasses the’ z ‘had lost its way. ” Earlier, around 1860, it seems that Jerry Thomas, owner of a bar in San Francisco (great bartender and “Alchemist”) at the Occidental Hotel, had served a cocktail named Martinez to a customer on a journey just for Martinez. However, beyond all that belongs to the past, the Dry Martini is the king of cocktails, which has many variations and methods of preparation, a ritual that, for every self-respecting bartender … The litmus test is to make the Barmen a good martini …

There are several variations of Martini, like Sweet Martini and Martini, Medium, or in addition to Vodkatini Martini Vodka, the latter variant is preferred by James Bond Vesper cocktails.

The Dry Martini was part of the 6 basic recipes of “The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks” by David A. Embury, 1948.

The recipe proposed by Embury was as follows:

7 parts gin English

1 part vermouth (dry) French

The Dry Martini recipe is as follows:

8 / 10 Gin

2 / 10 Dry Vermouth

It is prepared in a mixing-glass and serve in a cocktail glass. It garnish with an olive green or a lemon peel.

The art and magic, however, remember that cocktails are the preparation of the construction and the magic that goes with it …

“Happiness is finding two olives in your martini when you’re hungry.”

Johnny Carson


Alan Arrigo

Head Barman

Grand Hotel London


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